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Model Name: Tigger Rosey
Video Title: Helping you with your Calf Fetish
Video Duration: 05:48 min
File Size: 115.98 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Welcome to the unique world of calf fetishes, where your desires and fantasies find solace in the therapeutic presence of Tigger Rosey. In this enticing roleplaying video, Tigger assumes the role of your trusted therapist, adorned in an outfit carefully selected to embody her professional persona.

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As you sit before her, Tigger introduces herself as your new therapist, acknowledging your uncontrollable obsession with crossed legs and calves. With a teasing glimmer in her eyes, she playfully demonstrates the power her crossed legs hold over your desires, remarking on your immediate arousal. However, beneath the surface, she understands the disruptive impact this fetish has on your daily life.

In a heartfelt moment, Tigger empathetically articulates the struggles you face when encountering the allure of women’s legs, especially during the summer months. But fear not, dear viewer, for Tigger possesses the solution to your predicament. Instructing you to take out your pulsating member, she guides you into an intimate session where she demonstrates the mesmerizing art of leg crossing, mirroring the allure you find in her previous video.

With her leg crossed towards the camera, Tigger unveils your deepest secret – your fascination with the thickness and curvature of a woman’s calf pressed against her knee. In an assertive tone, she commands you to climax upon her calf, unleashing the cathartic finale of your therapy session. Surrender to the hypnotic power of Tigger’s crossed legs and discover the liberation that awaits you in the world of calf fetishes.