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Model Name: Sloansmoans
Video Title: daddy’s consequences
Video Duration: 17:25 min
File Size: 4.62 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Daddy’s consequences is the thrilling sequel to the highly anticipated two-part video series. In this second installment, we find ourselves back in the midst of an intense and taboo relationship between a father and daughter. Caught red-handed raiding his daughter’s panty drawer, our protagonist is exposed as the perviest dad ever. As a result, his daughter takes control by locking up his manhood, holding the key firmly in her hands.

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With undeniable arousal in the air, the daughter decides to indulge her father’s desires. Familiar with their unique brand of pleasure, she retrieves her trusted strap-on, ready to dominate the situation. Submission becomes the name of the game as the father is forced to beg for release from his chastity cage. This twisted dynamic is heightened by the daughter’s confident assertiveness and the father’s willingness to surrender to his daughter’s desires.

Exploring themes of taboo, femdom, and pegging, Daddy’s consequences is a video that pushes boundaries and challenges the norms of traditional sexual dynamics. The daughter takes on the dominant role with absolute control, enjoying watching her father embrace his submissive side. The visual experiences of doggy-style and missionary positions from a unique point of view will immerse viewers in the intensity of this unconventional relationship.

Sloansmoans, the talented model behind this captivating video, delivers a performance that captures the essence of power dynamics and fetish exploration. With a video duration of 17:25 minutes and a resolution of 3840×2160, the visuals are crisp, clear, and designed to enhance every moment of this controversial storyline. Prepare to embrace the forbidden and delve into a world where pleasure and consequences intertwine in unimaginable ways.