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Model Name: Octokuro
Video Title: 2Dicks for 2B
Video Duration: 19:33 min
File Size: 2.78 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

2Dicks for 2B is an explicit video featuring the captivating and powerful android known as 2B. Designed not only for combat, but also for pleasure, this amazing android proves her capability to handle a double load on her exquisite body.

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In this 19-minute and 33-second video, viewers are treated to a range of intense and arousing scenes. Witness 2B engage in double blowjobs, skillfully pleasuring two partners in various positions. The video further explores double penetrations, as well as combinations such as blowjob with simultaneous anal or vaginal penetration.

Additionally, this enticing footage includes tittyfuck combined with blowjob, providing a visual feast for the senses. The climax of the video showcases 2B receiving double loads on her face and tits, revealing her insatiable appetite and ability to satisfy. Throughout, 2B showcases her exceptional skills, particularly in the realm of deepthroating.

Portrayed by the stunning model Octokuro, 2B’s allure is escalated by a video resolution of 1920×1080, ensuring every sensual detail is captured in exquisite clarity. Immerse yourself in this indulgent experience and witness 2B’s prowess as she commands and conquers with a pleasure beyond imagination.