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Model Name: Nicolebelle
Video Title: Congratulations! You have succesfully cummed on your face
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In this informative video, your trusted doctor assists you in overcoming a common concern you’ve had regarding the enjoyable act of consuming your own ejaculate. It’s completely normal to feel a lack of motivation towards this experience after reaching climax. Rest assured, countless patients have sought my assistance in similar situations, and I’ve guided them towards success.

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As your doctor, I explain my method that has yielded positive results for many individuals. The legs over your head technique, also known as CEI Facial, is introduced while providing step-by-step instructions. As a demonstration, I strip down, ensuring an engaging and encouraging environment for your learning.

You’ll discover the delicious taste and pleasurable sensations as the cum glides down your throat. Together, we explore the position, with my legs gracefully over my head and a strategically placed strap-on poised towards my mouth. I guide you through getting into this position, promising its ease and satisfaction. We progress towards a simultaneous climax, celebrating the achievement of cumming on our faces.

As our playful exploration continues, I offer guidance on how to collect and consume the ejaculate from your face, while indulging in the same act myself. We revel in the experience before I provide the necessary aftercare. Congratulations on your successful journey towards self-pleasure! I assure you that this technique will become your go-to solution whenever you experience aroused sensations. Explore your desires with confidence as you embrace a satisfying path of self-discovery.