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Model Name: Nicole Nabors
Video Title: Your new goth gf
Video Duration: 13:38 min
File Size: 2.68 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this custom video, you will be introduced to Nicole, a fellow student at your university. On this particular day, she decides to surprise you by visiting your parents’ house and eagerly waits for you in your room. Curiosity gets the best of her, and she stumbles upon your phone, discovering an opportunity to spice things up. Wasting no time, she snaps some daring nude photos of herself, slyly forwarding them to her own device while awaiting your return.

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Knowing the potential consequences of her actions, Nicole confronts you with the incriminating evidence. She gives you an ultimatum – break up with your current girlfriend or face the humiliation of these explicit images being exposed. Eager to see how far she can push you, Nicole demands that you undress and engage in an intimate act as she indulges your preferences for big titty goth girls and feet. She tantalizingly teases and strips down, revealing her alluring body before you.

Desperate for release, you edge closer to climax, only for Nicole to abruptly put a stop to your bliss. With her phone in hand, she reveals her final demand – you must allow her to record your orgasmic moment while declaring Nicole as your new girlfriend, renouncing your current partner as ‘boring ass’. As you reluctantly comply with her wishes, she takes pleasure in your obedience. She counts down the seconds, making your anticipation unbearable. At the climax, a triumphant Nicole sends the damning video to your unsuspecting girlfriend, solidifying the beginning of your new relationship with her.

Immerse yourself in this provocative encounter with Nicole Nabors, embracing the allure of a goth girlfriend who skillfully manipulates the power dynamics to her advantage. Explore the psychological thrill of indulging in forbidden desires, while witnessing the consequences that await when secrets are revealed. Brace yourself for the intense emotions that accompany this 13-minute and 38-second video, captured in high resolution (1920×1080) to ensure every detail is vividly displayed.