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Model Name: Lalunalewd
Video Title: Neighbor Wants Your Cum Over and Over Again
Video Duration: 14:58 min
File Size: 881.87 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this highly explicit video titled ‘Neighbor Wants Your Cum Over and Over Again,’ the stunning model Lalunalewd takes the lead role as your enticing neighbor. It all starts innocently enough, as she pays you a visit in search of some sugar. However, what transpires next is a confession of her secret attractions towards you. She bravely reveals her undeniable arousal whenever you and your girlfriend engage in passionate lovemaking.

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Spurred by her overwhelming desire, your neighbor seizes an opportunity to act on her long-held fantasies while the two of you find yourselves alone. With fervor and confidence, she sensually undresses herself, showcasing her alluring assets. Using a squirting dildo and fake cum, as per the custom request, the scene is beautifully captured in a 1920×1080 resolution.

Once the stage is set, the video proceeds to capture intense moments of pleasure. From an explicit tittyfuck that skillfully brings you to climax, to a heated encounter where she energetically mounts you in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Carefully filmed with varying views, the perspective alternates between body and face angles, offering an immersive experience.

The climax of this captivating video is reached as your neighbor skillfully strokes you, culminating in an explosive finish as you release your load on her face. With a runtime of 14 minutes and 58 seconds, this exhilarating encounter is guaranteed to thrill and satisfy. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience with Lalunalewd embodying the irresistible temptation of a neighbor who eagerly, and repeatedly, craves your ultimate pleasure.