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Model Name: Korina Kova
Video Title: I Reprogrammed My Mother
Video Duration: 32:39 min
File Size: 2.86 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

I Reprogrammed My Mother is a provocative and controversial video production featuring the talented model Korina Kova. With its high production value and explicit content, this taboo masterpiece aims to captivate fans who crave sensational experiences. The video delves into a captivating storyline where a concerned mother discovers her son’s secret computer room activities.

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Curiosity leads the mother to explore further, stumbling upon a virtual reality headset and hacker code on the screen. As she immerses herself in this alternate reality, she is shocked to witness herself engaging in explicit acts with her own son. Despite initial shock, the son attempts to explain that this program holds the power to reshape the future.

The mother reluctantly succumbs to her son’s plea and embraces the reprogramming process. Moments later, she awakens in a state of restored innocence, unaware of the previous events. However, a subsequent press of the button unleashes her newfound insatiable desires, transforming her into a seductive and uninhibited version of herself.

In a series of explicit encounters, the mother fulfills her son’s fantasies, ranging from passionate lovemaking to exploring new boundaries. The video showcases top-quality cinematography, alluring outfits, and special effects, delivering the Hollywood-level standards adult entertainment enthusiasts seek. This 32-minute and 39-second video, presented in stunning 1920×1080 resolution, intertwines the complexities of taboo relationships with intense sexual encounters, leaving viewers mesmerized by Korina Kova’s compelling performance.