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Model Name: Hazel Simone
Video Title: AUDIO: Helping Daddy Stroke to Photos of His Ex
Video Duration: 10:11 min
File Size: 21.63 MB
Video Resolution: 1280×720

In this intriguing audio production titled ‘Helping Daddy Stroke to Photos of His Ex’, we are presented with an explicit scenario featuring Hazel Simone as the model name. Despite being an audio-only experience, the story unfolds as a daughter accidentally walks in on her father, discovering him masturbating to pictures of his ex-girlfriend, Abby.

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Curiosity takes hold of the daughter as she becomes fascinated by the sight before her. She, knowing she has never seen a hardened member in person, pleads with her father to allow her to stay and assist, promising to keep their secret from her mother. The young girl’s inquisitive nature emerges, leading her to ask numerous questions about her father’s former lover and his anatomy.

The audio delves into a series of inquiries, ranging from the father’s favorite photo of Abby to their sexual encounters. The daughter relentlessly explores her curiosity, probing her father’s experience and desire, as well as what might happen when his ‘cock’ releases its contents. The narrative even explores provocative topics like swallowing semen, heightening the forbidden nature of the audio.

As the audio progresses, the father takes on the role of a teacher, delicately instructing his daughter on how to stimulate his manhood. Eventually, the daughter kneels before her father, pleading for him to ejaculate into her mouth, mimicking the behavior depicted in the scandalous photographs. The audio concludes with a climactic moment as the father obliges, providing his ‘good girl’ with a sticky surprise, fulfilling her desire to emulate Abby.