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Model Name: Creamberryfairy
Video Title: 12 days of pee tracking
Video Duration: 10:40 min
File Size: 930.73 MB
Video Resolution: 1080×1920

The video titled ’12 days of pee tracking’ features Creamberryfairy as the model, and it spans a duration of 10 minutes and 40 seconds. The video showcases the morning pee routine over a period of 12 consecutive days. With a video resolution of 1080×1920, every detail is captured in high definition.

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Creamberryfairy, known for their unique content, brings a novel approach to tracking bodily functions. This peculiar video series focuses on documenting the morning pee habits, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

The 12-day journey explored in this video sheds light on the personal aspects of pee tracking, divulging valuable insights into the daily intricacies of this bodily function. The meticulously recorded data offers a fascinating glimpse into Creamberryfairy’s routine and serves as an educational resource for those interested in understanding and analyzing their own patterns.

Through the thorough documentation of morning pees, viewers can observe any potential patterns or trends that may emerge. The high-resolution video quality ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their understanding of their own bodily functions.